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Professional Services by Trade Hand Finishers

Our Services Include:

  • Co-Packing: Our skilled team efficiently packages and assembles products from multiple sources into cohesive, ready-to-ship packages.
  • Collating: We meticulously organize and arrange various printed materials, ensuring accurate collation for promotional materials, catalogs, and more.
  • D-Taping: With precision and expertise, we apply durable and secure double-sided tape to products, enabling easy and efficient assembly for our clients.
  • Display Assembly: Our experts excel in assembling eye-catching and functional displays, ensuring your products are presented attractively and effectively.
  • Gluing: From delicate adhesives to robust bonding, our gluing service provides the perfect solution to join different components securely and seamlessly.
  • Hand Folding: With utmost care and precision, we skillfully hand fold various materials, guaranteeing a professional and tailored finish for your products.
  • Kit Assembly: We expertly combine multiple items into comprehensive kits, ensuring all components are accurately assembled and ready for distribution.
  • Shrink Wrapping: Our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise allow us to shrink-wrap your products, providing protection, durability, and an appealing presentation.
  • Stringing: Whether it's tagging, tying, or attaching, our stringing service ensures your products are securely fastened with high-quality strings or cords.
  • Stuffing: We skillfully fill various containers or packaging with your products, guaranteeing efficient and organized stuffing for shipments or promotional materials.
  • Tipping: Our tipping service applies adhesive backings to combine items such as product samples to discount cards.
  • Tubing: We efficiently roll, package, and seal your products in tubes, ensuring safe transportation and easy handling for items of various shapes and sizes.